Louise offers a variety of Acting in English Film Workshops...

Adult workshops in English are available for both beginners and professional actors, for native and non native English speakers,.. as is Coaching in English for professional actors, who wish to work on a particular text for an audition, or a specific English accent or pronunciation issue.

Adult workshops are available for international and local companies, who wish to provide their executives and employees with the chance to improve their personal and public speaking skills in English, and can be adapted for social events, such as birthday parties for both kids and adults.

Children's workshops are available for all, from the tiny tots right up to teenagers [3-16yrs]. They run each school vacation, certain weekends and on an individual, private basis. Each workshop is themed... basic acting concepts and techniques are used from both theatre and film. Through acting games, improvisation, we build on the individual child's natural imagination, creativity and energy, and as a result, confidence and communication skills strengthen. the children are taught to learn texts and scripts quickly and effectively,  and learn methods for approaching character preparation and casting techniques

Contact us for further details, as Acting in English Workshops can be tailored to your individual demands, needs and goals…..we can shoot a scene in English, or film self-presentations for casting. Workshops are in small groups or individual.... they are participatory, creative, educational and above all fun!