Ambitious actors won't hestitate to spend hundreds of euros for an Acting in English workshop... but a reel in English? It is vital, but too often not done. 

ENGLISH SCREEN is based in Paris, so forget about going to London. We act, we write, and we shoot. We understand what you need... 

You want to demonstrate that you can perform in English... we help you chose the right scene, and we coach your English, for pronunciation and accent... and if you wish we can also coach your on-camera acting.

And if you are in business, and need to prepare a video resume... the same coaching is invaluable... 

And we record the scene, edit, and get it back to you quickly!
The shoot can be interior, or exterior.... taking advantage of the unlimited locations offered by the city of Paris... 

250 euros: SINGLE FOCUS SCENE with 1 to 2 minute duration. Created during a one day workshop.We will work on script, text and character analysis, coaching in English for film acting. Then we will shoot the scene, with or without a scene partner. The scene will be fully edited within agreed time-limit.

350 euros: DUAL FOCUS SCENE with 1 to 2 minute duration, where 2 actors can share the scene and costs
320 euros: SINGLE FOCUS SCENE [as above] + SELF PRESENTATION VIDEO of 1min 30 seconds duration, to be used for on-line audition and casting purposes and initial personal introductions to casting directors and interested film companies.We provide the client with full coaching on this essential and often difficult skill.

400 euros: 2 SINGLE FOCUS SCENES, as above but with 2 contrasting and different characters and scenarios, to demonstrate a wider emotional range of your acting skills.

450 euros: 2 SINGLE FOCUS SCENES, as above+ SELF PRESENTATION VIDEO [as above].

+60 euros to above: FILMED AUDITION MONOLOGUE with 1 to 2 minute duration, film the monologue that you wish to use for audition and casting purposes, especially useful for on-line and long-distance castings, contains English monologue if needed, plus acting coaching in English.