We can shoot it for you, remotely or under your direct supervision...

.... or we can help you shoot, and make sure you get the shots you want. 

For instance, you're coming to town, and you're a small production unit.... you can't figure out how to call people, much less where to get gaffers tape...or a gaffer. We're here to take of the small problems, and the large ones. 

We can coordinate... with actors, technicians, locations, rental houses, and you. 

We can provide direct technical services for your production, or help you locate and hire external technicians. 

We can help with on-set communication, and with simple practical matters, like feeding people.

And, as said, if you need someone to shoot for you, we've got the gear, and we're here... as a remote second unit, or under your careful eye. 

If you need us to direct, we'll be happy to do that. Or if it is an event [brand, conference, wedding], that's all part of our services as well. And we really edit well.

We've done it all... and we'll do it with you and for you.