Need English-speaking actors in Paris? We can provide lead and supporting actors, according to your requirements... age, look, nationality, etc... We have a vast network of talented, professional actors at our disposal. Not only can we find you English speakers, but also multi-lingual actors, either adult and child. Need a fluent Bulgarian and English-speaking, middle-aged actor living in Paris for example? We can find you one... or many other actors with different linguistic combinations and skills.

We provide pre-casting services.

If neccessary, we arrange the casting call, and forward you appropriate leads.

Auditions can be done when you arrive, or we can arrange for various sort of remote casting, such as video tests, etc.

We can follow up with actors, during pre-production, and during the production itself, and can provide on-set acting coaching to help your non-native, English-speaking actors with English pronunciation, accents, texts, etc.