Who We Are

If you are in the US, you can call our US number: +1 347 352 0158

In Paris, you can call us direct at +33 6 44 06 50 27 or +33 6 73 93 41 85 


David Blair is a director with more than 30 years experience with video.

His first feature,"Wax or the Discovery of Television among the Bees" [1991], co-produced with ZDF, was one of the earliest digital films to play theatrically, with distribution in the US, Japan, and Europe [see below].  It was also the first movie sent across the Internet [link]. You can read more about this film at: http://waxweb.org/

Based in Paris since 1998, David Blair currently runs Telepathic-Movie.Com, a video production company. You can read more information on the company, and follow our production-based blog, at: http://www.telepathic-movie.com/

David Blair also runs the monthly meetup ParisFilmCrew, to provide community, opportunity, and information to Anglophone independent moviemakers in Paris. You can follow our blog at: http://www.telepathic-movie.com/parisfilmcrew/

You can follow David Blair's creative work via:

web: telepathic-movie.org/place

vimeo: telepathicmovie

recent solo exhibition: June-Sept 2013, MUHKA [Museum of Contemporary Art], Antwerp, Belgium.


LOUISE DENYER is an English {native British} actress, voice-over artist, theatre teacher and co-founder of JUICE PARIS, the networking group for English speaking actors, and she has been based in Paris for over 7 years. Although, she has a legal background, she trained as an actress at Method Acting Center and Ecole du Jeu, Paris and acts and teaches in English, French and Spanish. For over the last 15 years, she has always been involved in education and coaching and has also taught English, [legal and general], having completed the TFLA Diploma in London and a MA in Translation Studies. She coaches non native English speaking actors on their accents, pronunciation and articulation and prepares actors for potential castings and performances working on film and theatre scripts.

She also speaks and acts in fluent French and Spanish, having lived and worked in both of those countries and so she firmly believes that this has given her a good understanding of how to work best with non native English speaking actors, to assess their language needs and to directly pinpoint and iron out any problematic linguistic areas that arise and how to encourage and get the best out of each individual actor, especially when faced with having to act on film in English and while working with English speaking casting directors, film crews and film production companies.

She has experience in film casting and production, this year she was the Director of Casting and Production in France, for the American independent feature film OPEN TABLES directed by Jack Newell. Plus, she regularly assists French and foreign casting directors to find children and actors with foreign languages and special skills based in Paris. 

Louise is able to pass on her creative and performance skills to all actors of varying ages, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and ensure that each actor can honestly express themselves for the screen, by building on their confidence and individual skills. She currently teaches children at EAB [Ecole Active Bi-langue], the Kotoba Association, Langues en Scene and adults for the Paris Drama in English Meet-Up Group and runs her own intensive theatre and film workshops for both adults and children. Louise continues to work professionally acting in film and theatre productions in all 3 of the mentioned languages.