What We Do

If you are in the US, you can call our US number: +1 347 352 0158
In Paris, you can call us direct at +33 6 44 06 50 27 [David: production] or +33 6 73 93 41 85 [Louise: casting]

"David and Louise are a great team. David's knowledge of technical and production logistics and Louise's access to actors allows productions to focus on making the best film they can. I cannot recommend them highly enough."   Jack Newell, director of Open Tables.

EnglishScreen provides [as might guess from the title] English language video and acting related services in Paris... 
pre-production, casting,  production coordination, and more. 

For foreign independents who wish to shoot scenes in Paris, we provide the Boots On The Ground you need to accurately plan and execute a tight budget shoot in Paris and surroundings. Casting.. Scouting and Pre-Production ... Production Coordination... Production, if you can't get here yourself... .. plus additional services, such as Translation... we do it, we've done it, and you can afford it. We're independents... we understand your budget, and provide sliding rates.

We can do it in bits and pieces, or do the whole job... we provide full service production. And you don't have to be from out of town, we'll still work with you.

We do the smaller things too, if they have to do with the mysteries of English in Paris... if you're an actor, and want to develop a reel in English, we know what to do.  Or if you need to make a video resume for that job with 500 other candidates... we know how to help.

And if you want us to come to your wedding, or someone else's funeral.... we've done it, we're good, and you can afford us.